RulingDigital Inc.

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Mission & Philosophy

Ruling Digital's Core Operating Principle
To Become the Best Partner for Academic Excellence
Ruling Digital's Mission
In serving the academic community, Ruling Digital helps organizations take their information and ideas and turn them into valuable, universally accessible, and easy-to-read content. That is our mission. We hope that the academic community can focus its full attention on academic reflection, interaction, and management, making further contributions to the evolution of culture.
Ruling Digital's Approach
To help realize our mission, we first created a first-rate platform for academic communities that academic organizations can use to effectively manage their content. We also began providing professional graphic and visual design services. Together, these services helped strengthen academic organizations and made it easier for them to be understood.
Ruling Digital's Task
  • Research the needs of academic communities and continue to actively develop an ideal platform.
  • Actively promote the platform and continually increase the number of academic organizations using it, making it a widely-used platform.
  • Deepen the professionalism and creativity of our design, helping academic communities present their content in the most visually appealing manner possible.
  • Provide a comprehensive set of services to meet every need of the academic community.
Ruling Digital's 8 Principles
  • Lofty ideals can only be realized through unwavering focus.
Since its founding, Ruling Digital has received valuable guidance and encouragement from many clients, who have also been generous enough to several large corporate clients. Many of these opportunities were very lucrative, but we chose to resist the temptation to become distracted and instead redoubled our energies on realizing our ideal of serving the academic community.
  • Service begins with a focus on the user experience.
Ruling Digital believes that the quality of service determines success in the marketplace. For that reason, we don''t allow our subjective perceptions or our internal discussions to restrict the range of services we can provide. Whether it is the products themselves or the service process, everything revolves around the experience of the actual user.
  • In order to maintain a competitive advantage, one needs to never stop learning and challenging oneself.
Ruling Digital focuses its energies on its chosen field, continually accumulating experience and maintaining a humble and self-reflective attitude towards everything. Whether it is our employees or the organization itself, we constantly strive to surpass our previous efforts in order to forever maintain our professional advantage.
  • True creativity requires going beyond previous paradigms and experience.
Previous experiences led to previous results, which may not have been ideal. While Ruling Digital accumulates professional experience, it does not allow itself to be bound by its experience and constantly attempts to innovate beyond the frame formed by past experience, searching for creativity that astounds.
  • Grip your hands tightly and you have nothing; open them up and you have everything.
Ruling Digital''s goal is not to concentrate every member and all their content onto its own platform, but rather to provide platforms to the academic community that they can manage themselves. We also have no intention of monopolizing all of the profits and benefits that result from the comprehensive services we provide. The operation of Ruling Digital''s team is based on sharing. We firmly believe that being broad-minded and generous is the best way to create mutually beneficial relationships that lead to growth and success.
  • Autonomy is superior to centralization.
Ruling Digital's business model and product design is based on providing university departments their own platform that they can control themselves rather than attempting to create a centralized online learning community platform controlled by the school itself.
Ruling Digital''s operational structure is designed so that decisions are made from the bottom up. Information is gathered through a democratic process, and organizations that use our services are left with the maximum amount of flexibility and autonomy. We believe that organizations, with the help of highly effective Internet technology and a common set of principles, can operate even more nimbly, leading to even higher levels of performance.
  • Respect, trust, and acceptance create a happy, successful team.
Ruling Digital believes that today's workers care even more about spiritual fulfillment than material gain, and we know that the balance between work and life cannot be ignored. Ruling Digital''s is a place where each individual worker is respected for the unique role that he or she plays.
It is only through respect, along with confidence in each person''s value, that honor can be created. Finally, it is only by accepting different ways of thinking that creativity can be stimulated. Thus, it is Ruling Digital's environment of respect, trust, and acceptance that helps make each worker so happy.
  • Steadfastness and persistence endow beliefs with meaning.
All beliefs, if they lack steadfastness and persistence, become meaningless prattle. The real world is full of challenges and pitfalls, and as we strive for business success we know that it will only be possible by remaining true to our principles.